Simplicity, You Have Taught Me So Much.

The Question?
We get up, get ourselves ready, get the kids ready, get breakfast, go to school, go to work, come home, get dinner ready, and go to bed. Every day. The same thing. For such a seemingly simple routine, why are our lives so gosh darn complicated? Constant decisions. Constant interruptions. Constant chaos. My life was going pretty well. Things were great; my daughter was healthy, my husband was healthy, I was healthy, and work was fine. But something was missing. I kept feeling like there had to be something more. But what could it be? I couldn’t figure it out, and I felt guilty for having those thoughts.

The Answer.
One day the answer to my question of what was missing came in a very unexpected way. I was introduced to a company that was transforming not only people’s health, but also people’s lives. It was a company that I had never heard of. People were talking about that crazy wrap thing, and quite frankly, I thought they were all crazy. A friend of mine was a Distributor with It Works and she asked me if I would try any of the products. Turned out, It Works had something other than that wrap, and there was something for everyone. Since I was looking to lose a little weight, I decided to try one of the products. I was still skeptical about the company (aren’t we all skeptics in some way?) however, once I actually started trying the products and researching the company, I was quickly impressed. Hesitant at first, the products helped me lose weight and improve my skin (more on that another time), and I felt like I had a responsibility to share this opportunity with others. I felt like maybe I could help others. I felt like that’s what was missing. I needed to help other people in some way, and I realized It Works was the way I could do it. I dove in and became a Distributor and have never once regretted it.

Simplicity? Seems too simple!
I can be easily distracted and am embarrassed to admit that I have difficulty remembering too many details. Maybe that’s part of why I believe so strongly in It Works. The foundation for this company is simplicity: Simplicity in the products, simplicity in the pay structure, simplicity in the recruitment. And that’s when I discovered simplicity is my key to a happier life. I was always overcomplicating things and overanalyzing everything. I worried about things over which I had no control. Through my experience as a Distributor, I learned that I just have to keep things simple and focus on what I can control. I can control my attitude. I can remain positive even when the world and others around me are being negative. I can be disappointed but quickly let it go. What I didn’t realize I was missing, I found with It Works: a chance to join with a group of people who were passionate about helping people. About making a difference. Once I saw the difference It Works was making to so many people, in so many different ways, I finally found what I was missing. I have also found many new friends. That is not something that has ever been easy for me, but my It Works team has produced many new friends for me. I may not see these friends in person, but I feel their support, I feel their compassion, and I feel their genuine desire to see me….and everyone who joins us…succeed. That’s pretty incredible. And I am forever grateful to have become a part of this team. One team. One mission. Simply wonderful.


Published by sportyspy22

Life is full of complications, but they key to everything is to remove the complexity and bring it back to simplicity. As a mother, my focus is to always love and teach my child right and wrong, to cherish my child and help her succeed. As a wife, my focus is to love and support my husband in all that he does and I know he does the same for me. As a woman, as Sarah, my focus is to help people, inspire people and to be a positive influence, leading by example.

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